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Alteration in Bowel Elimination: Constipation


A situation where an individual experience or a higher risk of static in the large intestine, resulting in a rare bowel movements, hard, dry stools.

Related Factors:

Related to innervation disorders, pelvic floor muscles are weak, and immobilization:
Spinal cord lesions
Spinal cord injury
Cerebrovascular injury (CSV, stroke)
Neurological Disease
Related to a reduced metabolic rate:
Diabetic neuropathic
Related to decreased peristalsis:
Hypoxia (cardiac, pulmonary)
Related to side effects (specific):
Aluminum antacids
Aspirin anesthetic
Iron Fenotiasine
Barium Calcium
Anticholinergics Diuretics
Narcotics Agents antiparkinson
Related to decreased peristaltis
Lack of exercise
Related to elimination pattern ketitakteraturan
Dealing with fear of pain
Related to fluid intake takadekuat

Major Data
  • Frequency decreased
  • Stool hard, dry
  • Straining at stool issue
  • Abdominal distension

Minor Data
  • Pressure on the rectal
  • Headache, decreased appetite
  • Abdominal pain

Expected Outcomes Nursing Care Plan for Alteration in Bowel Elimination : Constipation

Individuals will:
  1. Describe the therapeutic program defecation
  2. reported or showed increased bowel elimination
  3. explain the rationale of intervention

Nursing Intervention Nursing Care Plan for Alteration in Bowel Elimination : Constipation

Teach the importance of balance diet
  • Review the list of foods that contain lots of bulk
    • Fresh fruits skinned
    • Chaff
    • Nuts
    • Bread and cereals
    • Fruits and vegetables are cooked
    • Fruit juice
  • Includes nearly 800 grams of fruit and vegetables every day for normal defecation
  • Gradually increase fiber foods
  • Suggest 2 liters of fluid intake (8-10 glasses) unless there are contraindications
  • Recommend drinking a glass of warm water 30 minutes before breakfast which can stimulate spending feces.
  • Set a regular time of elimination
  • Assist individuals to normal position rather squat to allow optimum use of abdominal muscles and the effects of gravity.
  • Teach how to memasase lightly on the bottom of the abdomen while on the toilet
  • If there is hardening of the stool, put the warm mineral oil and let stand for 20-30 minutes. Use gloves lubricated with a good, hard stools resolve and dispose of floating-fractions. Keep track of vagal stimulation (dizziness, weak pulse)
  • Explain the dangers of the use of laxatives and enemas.

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