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Nursing Diagnosis and Interventions for Pain

Nursing Diagnosis for Pain

1. Acute Pain
related to physical injury, reduction of blood supply, process of giving birth

2. Chronic Pain
related to the malignancy

3. Anxiety
related to pain that is felt

4. Ineffective individual coping
related to chronic pain

5. Impaired physical mobility
related to musculoskeletal pain

6. Risk for injury
related to lack of perception of pain

Nursing Interventions for Pain

Nurses develop a plan of nursing diagnoses that have been made. Nurses and clients together to discuss realistic expectations of action to overcome the pain, the degree of recovery of the expected pain, and the effects that must be anticipated in the client's lifestyle and function. Expected outcomes and goals of nursing and nursing diagnoses were selected based on the client's condition. The general objective of nursing care with pain are as follows:
  • Clients feel healthy and comfortable
  • Clients retain the ability to perform self-care
  • Clients maintain physical function and psychological currently owned
  • Client describes the factors that cause pain
  • Clients use the therapy given safely at home
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