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Clinical Development of Dissociative Fugue

Dissociative fugue is memory loss accompanied by leaving the house and create a new identity. In a dissociative fugue, memory loss is greater than the dissociative amnesia. People who have not only experienced a dissociative fugue total amnesia, but suddenly leave home and move to a new identity.

Clinical Development of Dissociative Fugue :
  • A disorder in which individuals forget that important personal information and establish a new identity, also moved to a new place.
  • Individuals not only suffered amnesia in total, but also suddenly moved (escape) from home and work, as well as forming a new identity.
  • Usually occurs after a person experiences some severe stress (conflict with spouse, job loss, suffering because of natural disasters).
  • The new identity is often associated with the name, home, work and even a new personality characteristics. In the new life, the individual can succeed despite not being able to remember the past.
  • Recovery is usually complete and individuals usually do not remember what happened during the fugue.

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