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Nursing Diagnosis for Self-Care Deficit - Bathing / Hygiene

Nursing Diagnosis for Self-Care Deficit - Bathing / Hygiene


Circumstances where individuals have failed to implement or complete ability bathing / hygiene activities.


Lack of ability to bathe themselves (including washing the whole body, combing hair, brushing teeth, doing skin care and nails as well as the use of makeup)
  • Can not or no desire to wash the body or body parts.
  • Can not use the source water.
  • Inability to feel the need for hygiene measures.
Lack of ability to wear his own clothes (including underwear routine or special clothing, not the clothes the night)
  • Failure of the ability to use or release of clothes.
  • Inability to fasten clothing.
  • Inability to dress themselves satisfactorily.
Expected outcomes are:

Individuals will
1. Identifying the love of self-care activities.
2. Demonstrated that optimal hygiene in care after assistance is given.
3. Participate in physical and or verbal self-care activities
  • Carry out the shower activity at its optimal level.
  • Reported satisfaction with the achievements despite the limitations.
  • Connecting a feeling of comfort and satisfaction with the cleanliness of the body.
  • Demonstrate ability to use adaptive assistive devices.
  • Describe the factors that cause of the lack of ability to bathe.
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