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Nausea related to Vertigo (NCP for Vertigo)

Nausea related to Vertigo (NCP for Vertigo)
Nursing Care Plan for Vertigo

  • Degree of comfort: a feeling of relief physically and psychologically.
  • Fluid balance: the balance of fluids in the intracellular and extracellular space of the body.
  • Nutritional status: food and fluid intake: the amount of food and fluids into the body within 24 hours.
Achieved after treatment for 3 days

Expected outcomes:
  • Stable weight.
  • There are no sunken eyes.
  • Skin hydration is not compromised.
  • Intake and output balance within 24 hours.
  • Clients reported no nausea.
  • The fluid balance indicator shows 1-5: extreme, severe, moderate, light, no problem.

NIC interventions:
1. Management of fluids: an increase in fluid balance and prevention of complications.
2. Monitoring of fluid: the collection and analysis of client data to regulate fluid balance.
3. Monitoring of nutrients.

Nursing activities:
  • Monitor the subjective symptoms of nausea on the client.
  • Monitor for weight gain.
  • Monitor the level of energy, malaise, fatigue, fatigue.
  • Monitor the skin turgor.
  • Teach clients a deep breath technique to suppress the gag reflex.
  • Teach clients to eat slowly but often.
  • Collaborative: antiemetic drugs in accordance with the recommendation.
  • Raise the head of the bed in the lateral position to prevent aspiration.
  • Monitor the nutritional status.

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