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Risk-prone Health Behavior - Atherosclerosis Care Plan

Risk-prone Health Behavior

Domain 1: Health promotion

Class 2: Health management

Definition: Impaired ability to modify lifestyle/behaviors in a manner that improves health status

Defining characteristics:
  • can not act anything to prevent health problems

Related factors:
  • a variety of stressors
  • smoke


Cardiac disease self management: personal action to manage heart disease, its treatment and prevent disease progression.

  • accept health provider’s diagnosis
  • monitors pulse rate and rhythm
  • monitors blood pressure
  • limits fat and colesterol intake
  • follows recommended diet
  • monitors body weight
  • uses effective weight control strategies
  • maintain optimum weight
  • participate in smoking cessation regiment
  • participate in recommended exercise program
  • balances activity and rest


Smoking cessation assistance: helping another to stop smoking

  • Determine the patient's readiness to quit smoking
  • Monitor the patient's readiness to quit smoking
  • Provide clear and consistent advice to quit smoking
  • Provide another option is best as a substitute for smoking

Oral health restoration: promotion of healing for a patient who has an oral mucosa or dental lesion
  • Using a soft toothbrush to clean the gums and oral cavity
  • Stopping the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes
  • Instructing the patient to brush teeth after eating

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